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Rhubarb & Cod is an award winning (2018 Gold Medal winner at the Taste Canada Awards) collection of recipes, illustrations, and food-related musings by me, Susan Keefe. The general theme of this blog is food, but I can’t promise I won’t get off-topic – I don’t like to limit myself.

All the recipes and photos on this blog are my own unless otherwise noted. Every recipe can be printed to spare your laptop or tablet from splatter.

About Susan Keefe

Photo By Sunny Thrasher

You know when you meet new people and they ask you to tell them about yourself? Yeah, I hate that! And like most of the things I hate, I hate it because I’m not good at it. I can never think of a response. I have no personal elevator pitch and it’s not for lack of trying.

If I’m really playing into my own vanity, I tell myself it’s because I’m so unique that I cannot be explained – I have to be experienced. But really it’s because I am a strange collection of random experiences, hobbies, and interests. So rather than babble my way through a half-baked explanation of “Who I Am”, I thought I’d leave you with a wee list of random tidbits about myself. Enjoy!

  1. I run for pie…and because it’s good for me, but mostly I run for pie.
  2. Avocado is always on my grocery list. Always.
  3. My last meal would consist of my Grandmother’s fish chowder and an entire batch of tea biscuits dripping with molasses.
  4. I love old foreign movies where very little happens but everything is really pretty.
  5. My boyfriend doesn’t eat seafood and I’m from Nova Scotia…this is the single largest hurdle in our relationship.
  6. I believe the 3 Ms -mushrooms, miso, and milk chocolate – can solve anything, but not together.
  7. When I was a child I forced myself to like olives, because I wanted to be a grown-up. I figured liking olives was an important first step.
  8. I’ve never met a root vegetable I didn’t like – I blame my Irish ancestry.
  9. In my opinion, all you need to enjoy a fresh oyster is a squeeze of lemon and fresh horseradish – everything else just gets in the way.
  10. I am self-deprecating to a fault – It’s the feature I’m the most self-deprecating about.
  11. I will never be as popular as my cat.
  12. Silliness is a way of life.
  13. I like lists. I make them often.

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