Picnic Sandwiches with Shaved Radish, Poached Asparagus & 8-minute Eggs

Picnic Sandwiches with Shaved Radishes, Poached Asparagus & 8-Minute Eggs

Okay, I know the blog has been a little sandwich-heavy lately and I promise I will get over it soon and move onto something else. But I was wondering if you could find it in your hearts to welcome one more sandwich into the fold. These Picnic¬†Sandwiches with Shaved Radish, Poached Asparagus & 8-Minute Eggs to be exact. I mean, this is peak picnic season, these sandwiches were extremely called for, albeit not particularly well-timed. But hey, what can you do? They don’t have anything deep fried in them, which I realize¬†is a bit of a change for me. And they’re hella colorful and loaded with veg. How can you say no?

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